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    Our Purpose

    Our purpose is to help those massive action takers looking for high-quality blogs in bulk with no compromise on quality or deadlines. You don't have to trade-off quality to get a lot of quantity in a short time.

    – Talha Saif, Founder of 50 blogs

    Informational Keywords

    Searchers looking for general information or answers to a specific query such as How to Write a Blog, etc., to get information.

    Navigational Keywords

    Searchers looking to find a specific website or page such as 50blogs.com Contact.

    Commercial Keywords

    – Searchers exploring a specific product such as best laptops for gaming, etc., are trying to find out information about a product and have an intention to buy in the future. These can be affiliated blogs.

    Transactional Keywords

    Searchers looking to buy your product, such as buy product A or buy 50 blogs online, etc., want to pay you and get your product in return.  

    Our Promise

    No Plagiarism

    100% plagiarism Free Content

    Unique Content

    Choosing words carefully to keep it unique

    Easy to Understand

    Simple, Straight-forward, and to the Point

    Drive More Traffic

    Friendly with the Choice of Best Keywords

    High Quality

    No Compromise on Quality


    100% On Time Delivery


    Blog Strategy

    Free Blog Strategy Consultation

    Keyword Research

    Free Keyword Research


    Free Editing and Recheck


    Free Excerpts/Meta-Description Writing

    Custom Delivery

    Delivery Format of Your Choice

    Copyright Free

    Usage of copyright free Images


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    50 Blogs/Articles

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