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We are a platform which offers 50blogs in any niche. We have 100+ writers in our office, and they can write on Fitness, Yoga, Technology, and Programming. We have some writers who are programming professionals, we have some fitness trainers in our team, who are going to write those blogs for you.

Informational Blogs
These kinds of blogs contain all sorts of information; a general knowledge on something like that; For example, you say how to install notepad++ on windows? This is an informational blog and people are monetizing these blogs to earn money. The way of monetizing these blogs is that; they put some ads on their blogs and then they get paid. For this purpose, most people use Google AdSense but there are some other ad networks as well that pay you well.
Commercial Investigation Blogs
In these blogs, people are coming, and they are reading about the blogs which are like best JavaScript books online or something like that. So, these are the blogs where people are near to purchase, they are going to figure out which product is the best and which one they should buy.
Navigational Blogs
These blogs are important and famous which brand names are for example, Procter & Gamble (P&G), Facebook, these are the navigational blogs, on which you just go to any domain like, or something like that. So, these are the navigational blogs on which you just go.
Transactional Blogs
The transactional blogs enable you to make transactions directly. For example, I have written a blog about, what are ten benefits of xyz product? and let's say at the end of that blog, I have given a call to action that "Buy Now", so that is a transactional blog where the users going to click on that, and they are going to buy the product. For example, if somebody is searching for HP Chromebook or buy HP Chromebook, it means that they want to search the HP Chromebook and they are going to buy it.

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